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07 April 2010 @ 11:40 am
Jellybeans Hailing in a Dreamlike Noise  
Things have been fantastico, but I still feel that sense of 'everything is horrible baww what am I doing with my life' that creeps up from the back of my brain. I have NO REASON to feel that way, but I do. Damn chemical imbalances. I'm also still very much and insomiac. Haven't tried my sleeping pills yet, but soon, soon... tonight I would say BUT i'm going to the drag show with my friends - hell yeah. My friends have been amazing, spring break was filled with late night epic adventures. They have been super supportive when i've been down and all around super awesome people - never in my life have I had such awesome friends. I guess people in college actually treat you like a human being.  Also; I HAVE FOUND A FRIEND TO NERD OUT OVER THE BEATLES WITH. She's freakin' awesome and we have a ton in common. Epic is one word to describe us both.

I was cast in as the lead in the college spring production. I'm a dominatrix who solves a murder. I get to wear leather AND have a whip.

I'M GOING TO WHOSE LIVE ANYWAY AGAIN IN JULY AND WILL ONCE AGAIN MEET RYAN STILES, CHIP ESTEN, GREP PROOPS AND JEFF DAVIS. My best friend Ashley and I are so stoked that we can hardly talk about it in text without using capslock. Die hard Whose Line fans, we are. TO THE CORE.

So, the Beatles fandom is pretty much dead at livejournal, except for the wonderful community <lj user="ontd_beatles">, BUT IT IS ALIVE AND WELL ON TUMBLR. Oh hai, tumblr people. (This is cross posted there.)

Also Lennon/McCartney night on American Idol:

Only guy I kinda liked was the one who sang 'Jealous Guy'.